Take the Venetian White Wine tour with Bisol Prosecco and visit the Prosecco Superiore Hills.

You will take a tour around the beautiful Italian regions, particularly in Venice, for a chance to taste fine flavours off-the-beaten-track. The four main places you will visit are Venissa Estate, The Euganean Hills, Prosecco Superiore Hill and The Dolomites.


Photo ©Paolo Spigariol.jpg

Prosecco Superiore Hill

After leaving the volcanic Euganean Hills behind, you will be greeted by a new landscape, from the harmony of the plains to the straggling hills of the Prosecco Superiore region.

You will enjoy a visit to the Bisol Winery, and without forgetting to raise our glasses for a toast to the Cartizze hill, your journey continues.

Main image ©Francesco Galifi



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