Christopher Walkey

Cooking with Red Sparkling Wines

Can you Cook with Red Sparkling Wine?

By Christopher Walkey / 22nd May 2020

Don’t we all love the idea of cooking with wine? I’m sure that most of us can put our hands up and say that at least once when we have poured some wine into a dish we are cooking with only the last few drops of a bottle because we’ve been enjoying it whilst preparing…

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The best wine for Camembert is Prosecco

Which is the best Sparkling Wine to go with Creamy Cheese?

By Christopher Walkey / 21st May 2020

One of the most popular pairings for wine, almost any style of wine, will have to be cheese. The variety of flavours that both wines and cheese hold gives us a near infinite pairing combination to explore. There are dry, strong, creamy, fruity, spicy, sweet, herbal and much more in both wine and cheese tasting…

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100 Award Winning Sparkling Wines that should be on your Wine Menu

100 Award Winning Sparkling Wines that should be on your Wine Menu

By Christopher Walkey / 20th May 2020

I have not tasted each and every sparkling wine around the world so of course, I can only base my recommendations from my own tasting experience which now stands at over 10,000 labels reviewed. From wonderful vintage Champagnes to red sparkling wines produced by farmers on the hills in Slovenia, I have done my fair…

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Champagne Autréau – Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru NV - Paired with Fillet Steak

Fillet Steak and Champagne

By Christopher Walkey / 18th May 2020

A popular choice, and usually the most expensive, at restaurants and especially for meat / beef lovers is the fillet steak. The tender cut that is taken from inside the sirloin and holding very little fat, be it grilled, pan fried, barbecued or more, this dish can be rare to well done, offering a wonderful…

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Pisoni Trentodoc paired with Poussin

Pisoni Trentodoc paired with Poussin

By Christopher Walkey / 14th May 2020

“Poussin, sometimes also referred to as “coquelet” is a butchers term for a young chicken. Our Poussin are a breed that is naturally slow-growing, so you get meat that’s young and tender yet thoroughly flavourful.” Gressingham Poussin It is more frequent that we are suggested sparkling wines to pair with our dishes when we dine…

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Interview with Michael from Arunda

Sparkling Winemakers and their Artwork – Michael Reiterer

By Christopher Walkey / 11th May 2020

During my travels exploring the many fine winemakers across Europe and beyond, on a few occasions, I have stumbled across those who not only practice great skills of art in the making of wine, but also an equal passion for art in other forms. I have seen whole studios dedicated to creating wonderful artwork to…

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Bangers and Mash with English Sparkling Wine Ridgeview

Fireworks and Bangers!

By Christopher Walkey / 6th May 2020

I’m not speaking about the loud explosions and amazing light display here, I’m speaking about sparkling wine and sausages! “British sausages being called bangers seems to be a historical legacy, a colloquial term left over from war time when sausages sometimes exploded in the pan when you cooked them. We started calling sausages bangers sometime…

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Steyer and Scottish Haggis

Scottish Haggis and a Glass of Fizz

By Christopher Walkey / 5th May 2020

At the Glass of Bubbly awards we have set our trophy categories to be consumer friendly and also to help people when it comes to what sparkling wine to pair with which dish / food. With our awards in mind and a suggestion that we look at one of our next food pairings to be…

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Deseado and Raspberry Ripple Cake

Raspberry Ripple Cake and a Trophy Winning Sparkling Wine

By Christopher Walkey / 4th May 2020

There are quite a few amazing sparkling wines that are permanently stored in my memory bank and sometimes those saved taste sensations come back to life following me enjoying certain foods – I frequently say to myself, “now that wine would pair perfectly with this dish”. I recently over indulged by placing in my shopping…

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