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What temperature should you serve Champagne

Are you Guilty of These Champagne Crimes?

By Christopher Walkey / 19th July 2019

So you have bought or earned that bottle of Champagne so it is totally down to how you enjoy it right? I am not going to tell you how to drink your well earned bubbles, but I’d question you if you have ever been guilty of any of the following Champagne crimes. Champagne for many…

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the difference between champagne and prosecco

What is the difference between Champagne and Prosecco?

By Christopher Walkey / 18th July 2019

Though many will see both these iconic sparkling wines as pretty much one of the same thing they could not in fact be further apart – It is not so much chalk and cheese, more dry-aged steak vs juicy homemade hamburgers for the BBQ. Here’s why: Both these wines have a worldwide fan base, millions…

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When was wine invented

Where was Wine Invented?

By Christopher Walkey / 17th July 2019

There are a fair few areas to consider when answering this question which must be looked at and many countries will add to the history of wine as a whole having claimed to have founded varied elements amongst its evolution. It will surprise many that China is seen to be the original location where wine…

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Is Champagne good for the skin

Can Champagne help to beat Wrinkles?

By Christopher Walkey / 16th July 2019

A frequent question that I seem to hear amongst the grape vines is regarding whether or not wines are either good or bad for your health and for your beauty, also if Champagne can help heal signs of ageing. The debates are probably endless on this topic and the internet is awash of both products…

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10 Prosecco Houses to Visit 2019

10 Great Prosecco Houses to Visit in 2019

By Christopher Walkey / 11th July 2019

Following the great and growing popularity of our article, 10 Great Champagne Houses to Visit in 2018, I decided to highlight some of the wonderful Prosecco houses I have visited over the years and which are great fun and educational for you to visit and enjoy: So for those readers who are considering a visit…

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A Taste of South Africa

A Taste of South Africa

By Christopher Walkey / 9th July 2019

The world is full of amazing sparkling wine regions and during my travels, I have been wow’d and fallen in love with many of them. For me, a wine region is not only about the wines they produce, but the lifestyle and people including gastronomy, tourism, architecture and more. Varied continents, varied climates with different…

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Hankies Marble Arch London

Hankies Marble Arch – Asian Food and Fizz

By Christopher Walkey / 8th July 2019

It appears that more and more restaurants which we are being invited to visit have a strong and growing interest in offering their customers a fine selection of sparkling wines to accompany their meals. Hankies in Marble Arch are very much of the vision that sparkling wines pair very well with the spicy and creamy…

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Champagne naturally Foraged Cocktails

Totally Wild Champagne Cocktails with Devaux

By Christopher Walkey / 5th July 2019

We always love something new and a bit of innovation in the world of Champagne and the recent collaboration between Champagne Devuax and Totally Wild sees some refreshing new cocktails hitting the scene – ‘Countryside Cocktails‘ are quite unique and highly expressive and well worth discovering: An evening with Champagne Devaux‘s export manager, Samuel Le…

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Everything you always wanted to know about Prosecco, but were afraid to ask:

By Christopher Walkey / 3rd July 2019

I am hoping that not only those who love Prosecco have been attracted via the title to read this article, but like myself, also those of us who know of the comedy/cult classic movie from 1972 starring a host of global acting talent and directed by Woody Allen – Everything You Always Wanted to Know…

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