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Moet et Chandon vs Prosecco Bottega Gold Brut

Prosecco vs Champagne – Bottega asks the Question

By Christopher Walkey / 6th August 2019

A recent email and suggestion to us from Sandro Bottega, founder of Italian winery and distillery Bottega SPA, grabbed my attention as he wanted to take a look at how Prosecco was comparing against Champagne and especially when it came to food. Having just released a new book dedicated to sparkling wines and food, (The…

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Fruity Gin and Prosecco Cocktails

By Christopher Walkey / 31st July 2019

When the sun is proudly boasting its warm rays outside is when that temptation strikes us to pop into the garden/balcony with a glass of chilled wine and savour the warm atmosphere. For many, an upgrade to that glass of wine will be an injection of some bubbles and if we wish to take things…

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Cremant and Food Pairing

Crémant and Food Pairing

By Christopher Walkey / 30th July 2019

Sparkling wines from France which are made outside of the Champagne designated regions are commonly known as Crémant of which there are several appellations made of local grape varieties from each area giving each a unique taste identity. What is Crémant? Made in the same way as Champagne with the same degree of passion and…

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5 Cheese with 5 Sparkling Wines

Pair Cheese With Sparkling Wine

By Christopher Walkey / 25th July 2019

Who doesn’t love either of the ingredients in the title – Cheese and Sparkling Wines! Where though do we start when it comes to pairing them together, a growing trend and a very rewarding one too if you can get the perfect match? I have had many a fine cheese and fizz tasting and there…

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The Finest Champagne & Sparkling Wines with their recommended food pairings

The Finest Champagne & Sparkling Wines with Recommended Food Pairings

By Christopher Walkey / 24th July 2019

As part of our commitment to promoting Glass of Bubbly awards winning Champagne and Sparkling Wines, we are pleased to announce the release of ‘The Finest Champagne & Sparkling Wines with their recommended food pairings‘ Volume 1. The idea behind the book is to highlight the wonderful award winning wines from around the globe with…

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Champagne Prosecco and Gin History

History of Gin and Fizz Cocktails

By Christopher Walkey / 22nd July 2019

Champagne and Prosecco within cocktails are certainly a popular trend amongst imbibers and how each spirit performs in them is important to the brewers. Is it though Champagne and Gin cocktails or Prosecco and Gin cocktails that we should be opting for – Who performs the best? Firstly, we must remember that there are different…

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What temperature should you serve Champagne

Are you Guilty of These Champagne Crimes?

By Christopher Walkey / 19th July 2019

So you have bought or earned that bottle of Champagne so it is totally down to how you enjoy it right? I am not going to tell you how to drink your well earned bubbles, but I’d question you if you have ever been guilty of any of the following Champagne crimes. Champagne for many…

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the difference between champagne and prosecco

What is the difference between Champagne and Prosecco?

By Christopher Walkey / 18th July 2019

Though many will see both these iconic sparkling wines as pretty much one of the same thing they could not in fact be further apart – It is not so much chalk and cheese, more dry-aged steak vs juicy homemade hamburgers for the BBQ. Here’s why: Both these wines have a worldwide fan base, millions…

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Is Champagne good for the skin

Can Champagne help to beat Wrinkles?

By Christopher Walkey / 16th July 2019

A frequent question that I seem to hear amongst the grape vines is regarding whether or not wines are either good or bad for your health and for your beauty, also if Champagne can help heal signs of ageing. The debates are probably endless on this topic and the internet is awash of both products…

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