Casanova Prosecco have launched an ultra-expensive ‘Swarovski Edition’ Prosecco DDOC.

There are two available: the standard 75cl bottle which is fully coated with 3,37 individual Swarovski crystals, and a larger magnum which has 6,145 crystals.

The elegant standard bottle comes at a price of £1,290. Each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity.

As for the wine’s profile, it has aromas of fruits with a dry, well-rounded flavour. It pairs beautifully with fresh fish, caviar, chicken and turkey dishes.

This is a real luxury item for the Prosecco-lovers who happen to have a spare £1,290 lying around!

However, this seems minuscule in comparison to the most expensive wine in the world, similarly encrusted with Swarovski diamonds. Champagne ‘Gout de Diamants’ will set you back over a million pounds. Even without the crystal, the bottle still costs £147,000!

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