Champagne Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage

Champagne Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage 2009

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Product Description

A salmon pink colour with golden tints, produces a persistent stream of delicate bubbles. It has an intense fruitiness with a blend of red fruits (Morello cherry), blood oranges, and peach, with slightly candied notes. Nuances of pastries emerge with some delicate autolysis. The attack is round and fruity, marked by grapefruit and citrus zest. Its full body and density are sustained by the almost limestone freshness: the freshness and texture blend to give the wine its persistence. The effervescence integrates well into the juicy and concentrated envelope produced by the exceptionally mature flesh of the Pinot Noir fruits. Fine notes of lightly roasted cocoa beans add generosity and create a sensation of harmony. It magnificently complements fish such as salmon; meat such as lamb, veal, guinea fowl, and even pheasant; and soft cheeses, such as Chaource and Brillat-Savarin. It can also be served with red fruit based deserts that are less sweet, such as a red fruit zabaglione or a red fruit gratin.


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