Belstar Prosecco Cult DOC

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‘Belstar’ a lovely name for a vineyard which has its origins on the threshold of the production area of Superior Prosecco and has since further developed in land selected for the production of Prosecco D.O.C. and rubber stamped in 2009 the year that it was officially set up in Italy. The vineyard plots, with their varying soil characteristics, have been selected through the experience of the Bisol family and combined to obtain the right balance of freshness, elegance, volume and authenticity.

The Bisol method, with its refined technique and respect for typicity, endows this special Prosecco with longevity whilst maintaining its elegance and authenticity. The very name of this sparkling wine testifies to the fact that Prosecco is indeed a Lifestyle Symbol of international success, a cult object for true connoisseurs. Cult also brings to mind ‘cultus’ and ‘the culture of cultivation’ reflecting how much the Bisol family stands out for the great attention paid to the territory and the selection of the finest vineyards in the appellation.


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