I am sure we are all aware that technology is advancing and at an alarming pace too, it surrounds us every where and sometimes we do not even realise when we are using it! What about room service though, that knock on the door for breakfast or for that bottle of wine you have ordered… How innovative can this operation be?
Room Service! I’m your friendly robot… this is now the scene with Savioke’s Relay!

So, just how do you like your Champagne served when you stay at luxury hotels – A pretty maid or dashing porter knocking on the door with that chilled bottle of bubbly or how does your friendly robot tickle your fancy? We are not speaking about C-3PO or R2-D2 or neither is it the Terminator, but as per one of San Francisco’s newest and most impressive skyscrapers, room service is provided by Savioke Relay robots. Some will say it sounds scary, others will love the novelty and most probably for some of our technology advanced countries it is simply old news!

The robot will not only serve bubbly, but also allow delivery of ice, towels, toothpaste, shampoo and other similar frequently requested items.

Though Champagne is a new item on the menu, we can certainly see this robot serving option becoming more popular not only for hotels, but for many other business sectors too.

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