7 Reasons Why Champagne is the Best

Written on 28th February 2017 by Glass of Bubbly in champagne

Exclusive Interview with Olivier Krug

Written on 27th February 2017 by Christopher Walkey in champagne

5 Reasons Champagne Tastes so Good

Written on 21st February 2017 by Glass of Bubbly in champagne

Why Champagne? Sadly, people consider it a drink for special occasions and very few are aware of the amazing benefits of this fizzy drink. There are well proven scientific reasons to drink this misconceived 'luxury' ... Read more

As a wine writer, there are always certain labels you must taste in order to confidently compare tastes and experiences, within Champagne Krug is a must. Prestigious and specialised, traditional with charm, since 1843 Krug ... Read more

From the moment you choose the perfect bottle to the unfortunate moment it's all gone, drinking Champagne is an experience. There's just something about the fresh, slightly sweet taste and fizziness than can't be compared ... Read more

Casinos are a great way of being entertained. It is not a surprise that super casinos are so big that they even start to dominate the entire city – like in the case of Las ... Read more

There are 14 recognised sizes of Champagne and sparkling wine bottles in total, starting from the Piccolo (just a quarter of a standard bottle) up to the massive Melchizedek, 40 times the size of a ... Read more

"We are different, we have over ten cuvées, most of the competition will only ever have five or six." Antoine Roland-Billecart On a fresh winter afternoon, we took up the invitation from Champagne Billecart-Salmon to ... Read more

While looks aren't everything, these bottles manage to boast taste and beauty. Tsarine Rose Champagne Lantern - £40 Gift Set at MoonPig This gorgeous bottle, revealing the salmon-pink of the rosé bubbly beneath, stands out ... Read more

Show off your worldliness with these Champagne toasts from around the world... Santé (don't forget to look everyone in the eye)! Chinese (Mandarin): Gān bēi (GAN BAY) 乾杯! Dutch: Proost! (PROWST) French: Santé! (SAWN-TEH) / ... Read more

Champagne is one of the ultimate symbols of romance and luxury. It makes the perfect gift for your other half, your friends or even better - for yourself! Here's some fantastic and romantic Champagnes you ... Read more

Champagne AR Lenoble and their agent Flint Wines have made special holiday gift packaging available to UK retailers for this Christmas. Featuring an attractive design with an abstract bottle motif also suggestive of a Christmas ... Read more

The first three steps of the Champagne making process result in environmentally hazardous waste. Pressing the grapes gives marc or pomace. It consists of skin, pulp, pips and stems. Clarification gives deposits in the must. ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Champagne by Liz Palmer is a new book which takes you through, chapter by chapter, to find out everything you need to know about the wonderful world of Champagne. With original ... Read more

Opening of a venue unique in Champagne in the heart of the Maison de Venoge at Epernay A night within the walls of a prestigious Champagne House offering a totally unique experience has today become ... Read more

After meticulous development, Champagne de Watere are proud to present their carbon fibre Champagne coolers. Weighing just under 500 grams, but capable of holding up to four bottles of your favourite Champagne. They are the ... Read more

The tempting allure of Champagne reaches fans in even the deepest of landlocked Africa.  I was recently in Kigali, Rwanda, on a business trip and was excited to discover the strong presence of Taittinger Champagne ... Read more

Members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) have been advised not to pop Champagne corks in order to avoid distracting or injuring outfielders at Lord's. The move follows formal complaints from visiting teams that their ... Read more

Champagne grower-producers Jean Josselin particularly recommend their magnums of Cuvée Des Jean, their 100% Pinot non vintage Champagne. If you're more interested in weekends in the countryside, large tables of friends, grilled steaks and cheese, ... Read more

Are you Happy to be Called Champagne?

I know that many, especially within the wine industry itself, will know very well that not all sparkling wines are Champagne. The Champagne Bureau themselves see it as a large part of their duty to ... Read more

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