Top 10 Tips to Help you Understand & Buy Champagne

Written on 7th April 2017 by Glass of Bubbly in champagne

James Bond & Champagne

Written on 5th April 2017 by Bridget Cheslock in champagne

Champagne Bureau Tasting London March 2017

Written on 4th April 2017 by Christopher Walkey in champagne

Perfect Foods with Champagne other than caviar Scallops with Extra-Sec Blanquette de Veau with Blanc de Blancs Fish & Chips with everyday good quality Brut Seafood platter with Zero Dosage Lobster and langoustine with a ... Read more

Just as there have been many dashing actors portraying the infamous James Bond over the years, he has had many fabulous Champagne co-stars. With the twenty fourth James Bond film 'Spectre', Daniel Craig's James Bond ... Read more

When you have been in an industry for a few years you certainly get to find out who the characters are, those to know, those to stay clear of, ones who will make you laugh, ... Read more

The villages in the appellation are well known for their Champagne themed decorations. The Aube has one new one and another in development that will add to an already rich collection. Hautvillers is famous for ... Read more

Of all the houses in Champagne, a lady of course has her favorites. One of mine happens to be the oldest established Champagne house, that has been producing Champagne since 1729. That house is Ruinart, ... Read more

The Art of Sabrage originated in France during the Napoleonic wars. The story says that the legendary Barbe Nicole Ponsardin, known today as Veuve Clicquot, after her husband's death (veuve in French is widow), took ... Read more

When you are in the business of Champagne and Sparkling Wine then a whole world of exploration and experiences lay before you from tasting the wines to standing in the middle of the vineyards where ... Read more

A woman running a business was unheard of in 19th Century France. Yet the Champagne widows did just that, 'veuves' who stepped in to fill the shoes of husbands killed in battle or dying otherwise: ... Read more

As an avid Champagne drinker, I have discovered that a half bottle is often the perfect treat for a casual brunch, to start a meal, the right amount for an afternoon delight, or an evening ... Read more

Did you know that 83% of Bingo players multitask while playing the game? They actually do and the fact that you can play the game physically with friends as well as online on bingo sites only ... Read more

A range of luxury Champagne-infused shampoo has been launched by Cuvée Beauty. Founder of the beauty company Rachel Katzman claims the idea came to her after she had Champagne sprayed over her hair - and ... Read more

Champagne AR Lenoble and their agent Flint Wines have made special holiday gift packaging available to UK retailers for this Christmas. Featuring an attractive design with an abstract bottle motif also suggestive of a Christmas ... Read more

The first three steps of the Champagne making process result in environmentally hazardous waste. Pressing the grapes gives marc or pomace. It consists of skin, pulp, pips and stems. Clarification gives deposits in the must. ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Champagne by Liz Palmer is a new book which takes you through, chapter by chapter, to find out everything you need to know about the wonderful world of Champagne. With original ... Read more

Opening of a venue unique in Champagne in the heart of the Maison de Venoge at Epernay A night within the walls of a prestigious Champagne House offering a totally unique experience has today become ... Read more

After meticulous development, Champagne de Watere are proud to present their carbon fibre Champagne coolers. Weighing just under 500 grams, but capable of holding up to four bottles of your favourite Champagne. They are the ... Read more

The tempting allure of Champagne reaches fans in even the deepest of landlocked Africa.  I was recently in Kigali, Rwanda, on a business trip and was excited to discover the strong presence of Taittinger Champagne ... Read more

Members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) have been advised not to pop Champagne corks in order to avoid distracting or injuring outfielders at Lord's. The move follows formal complaints from visiting teams that their ... Read more

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