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Record 3 Million Vines Planted in England & Wales this Year

By Glass of Bubbly / 4th June 2019

The UK wine industry is proving to be one of the fastest expanding wine regions in the world after seeing the biggest planting of vines on record this year. The industry’s trade body Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) has just released the latest planting figures confirming that around 3 million vines were planted this year…

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paul launois single barrel photo

Phillippe Jamesse’s Tasting Notes for Champagne Launois Auction Sale

By Glass of Bubbly / 30th May 2019

On Friday June 14th, 2019, Champagne Paul Launois invites you to the first auction sale of bottles from a unique concept in Champagne: ‘Single barrel’ For more information on the sale click here Phillippe Jamesse’s Tasting Notes SINGLE BARREL 2018 SB 1803 The yellow fruit with a core characterizes the first scents, reinforced by a…

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The New German Sekt

By Glass of Bubbly / 7th May 2019

Will Germany be the new Champagne? Probably not, Champagne will always be the Champagne, which just cannot be copied in any other region of the world. But, in the last 10 years, the quality of German Sparklers has improved tremendously. Many vintners have put huge efforts and enthusiasm into producing the best ‘German Winzersekt“’ever and…

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Austrian Sparkling Sensations

By Glass of Bubbly / 3rd May 2019

The pretty alpine villages of Austria, plus the beautiful architecture of town and city buildings are constantly admired by numerous visitors from worldwide origins. Lakes, mountains, glaciers and stunning landscapes attract many, too, as well as the history of Austria. The cuisine of Austria has become well known and appreciated, along with very impressive high…

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Raventós Garage Wines – Ancestral Vinya del Mas 2016

By Glass of Bubbly / 2nd May 2019

In keeping with his passion for constant innovation, it was 5 years ago that Pepe Raventós began to experiment with making the purest wines possible. He started a small project focused only on natural wines vinified in the garage of their new home surrounded by vineyards and a farm; his dream was to learn how to make wine with ancient…

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Slovenian Sparkling Wines – Simonic, Čarga 1767 and Stoka Wineries

By Glass of Bubbly / 30th April 2019

Simonič Winery The most famous sparkling wine house in Bela Krajina, South East of Posavje Wine Region. Producer of 14 sparkling wines, well known on their exquisite curiosities! Golden Sparks is a cuvée of 80% Chardonnay, 10 % Welsch Riesling and 5% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Kerner in a crystal bottle and golden leaves, that…

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Slovenian Sparkling Wines – Vina Kobal and Sanabor Wineries

By Glass of Bubbly / 29th April 2019

Vina Kobal Fertile red soil at Terra Rossa is a great blessing and guarantee of a fine production of remarkable sparkling wines. Malvasia, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Terran are the main grape varieties in Kobal Sparkling Wines. Terroir influence is present in all four of Kobal’s sparkling wines. Four wines are produced using both methods.…

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Exclusive Auction Sale of Single Barrel Champagne Paul Launois

By Glass of Bubbly / 25th April 2019

Champagne Paul Launois Exclusive Auction Sale in Champagne – June 14th, 2019 10 batches of 216 bottles of ‘Single Barrel’ On Friday June 14th, 2019, Champagne Paul Launois invites you to the first auction sale of bottles from a unique concept in Champagne: ‘Single barrel’ This experience is the key to a tailor-made Champagne. Julien…

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Slovenian Sparkling Wines – Rodica, Vinarstvo Rebula and Mastnak Wineries

By Glass of Bubbly / 25th April 2019

Rodica Winery Rodica Winery is a famous Coastal Hills Winery. Well known for their Eko-Bio wines, started with very fresh and fruity white and red Refosco type unfiltered sparkling wines. The Rodica Refosk won a Silver Medal in the Winter Warmer category at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2018. Vinarstvo Rebula Specialist for…

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