1. It’s less calorific: A glass of red wine contains 129 calories, compared with Champagne or sparkling wine which tends to have only around 80… quite a big difference when the glasses add up.

2. It has the same (or more) health benefits: it’s often said red wine is good for the heart, but sparkling wine is equally good. When drunk responsibly, the red grapes, which contain antioxidants, can help lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. White wine has far less health benefits and antioxidants yet the same calories as red wine.

4. Sparkling wine has other uses – such as a skin exfoliator. Yes, the antioxidants found in bubbly detoxify the skin and helps keep oily skin from getting breakouts.

5. Great with food: It’s extremely versatile when pairing with meals. No need to decide between the red and white when there’s a sparkling option. Enjoy a glass of bubbly with https://activeats.ca/.

6. Let’s be honest, nothing else feels quite as glamorous or rewarding as a glass of bubbly in hand!